90 Minute Massage Packages


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Product Description

Pay in advance for several sessions and use them at your convenience, on any timeline.  Your massage packages from Lotus Massage & Wellness Center will never expire!

Your savings increase with larger packages.  For 90-minute massages, your options are:

package of four   (save $20)   $400

package of eight   (save $64)   $776

package of twelve   (save $120)   $1140

By the way, we do offer 120-minute massages (a full two hours hands-on) both individually and as packages.  These are not yet available through on our online store, but please do give us a call if you’re looking for two-hour massages or massage packages.

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Massage Packages

Package of four 90-minute massages, Package of eight 90-minute massages, Package of twelve 90-minute massages