About Lotus Massage & Wellness Center ~ Tucson Arizona

Massage can help you find relief from pain and stress!

roomWhether you’re seeking massage therapy for relaxation and stress relief or need help with specific physical problems like back pain, neck pain or injury rehab, the skilled massage therapists at Lotus Massage & Wellness Center are ready and eager to help.

At Lotus Center, your therapist sits down with you before every massage to listen to your needs and concerns. The time needed to discuss any pertinent preferences or conditions does not reduce your full 60, 90 or 120-minute hands-on time.

Each treatment is customized to reflect your needs. This applies in terms of techniques your massage therapist uses as well as how the time is balanced, such as with focal work for areas that are tight, injured or stressed due to work, accidents, sports, or daily activities.

You’ll find our facilities professional yet pleasant and relaxing, with a peaceful healing atmosphere and a setting that’s welcoming and appealing for men and women of all ages.

You’re welcome to linger at our comfortable facility after your massage to better integrate the benefits of your session. Sit back, relax, and savor a cup of pure water or complimentary hot tea while you also savor your healthy relaxed state.

Lotus Massage & Wellness Center is unique and original, independent, locally owned, community oriented, and certified green, with authentic Tucson character. Our facilities, business practices, and client services reflect our commitment to excellence, strong environmental and social values, and sincere desire to support you in developing a healthier body and healthier life.If you need support you in your efforts to create positive lasting change and heal in body and spirit, Lotus Center can help.