Manual Lymph Drainage, aka Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system, part of the circulatory system, plays a major role in keeping body tissues clean via a network of lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph toward the heart. This fluid consists of collected interstitial fluid (from between the body’s cells) not reabsorbed by blood vessels. For optimum health, lymph must be absorbed from body tissues, transported via lymphatic vessels, and cleansed by the lymph nodes, which capture waste, rogue cells, bacteria, and foreign material. A sluggish or compromised lymph system can lead to lymphedema, fatigue, and increased susceptibility to illness.

About Manual Lymph Drainage or Lymphatic Massage

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) stimulates the lymphatic system and accelerates movement of fluid through the lymph vessels and nodes by up to ten times the prior rate.

MLD treatments create lymphatic flow through a series of precise movements in a specific sequence reflecting lymphatic system anatomy. Clients recline on a massage table and, if they prefer, can receive treatment fully clothed in loose lightweight apparel. While the effects are highly therapeutic, most lymphatic vessels lie just under the skin, so the treatment is gentle, relaxing and pleasant.

Who benefits from Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

• Receiving MLD before and after surgery can shorten recovery time and reduce pain, swelling and scarring.
• MLD can significantly decrease lymphedema – reducing swelling and pain, increasing mobility and functionality, and improving immune function.
• Even chronic lymphedema can be managed through regular MLD treatments, achieving stability and better health.
• MLD can aid recovery from colds, flu, or other illnesses.
• When cancer has affected the lymph system and lymph nodes have been removed or damaged through surgery and radiation, MLD can help maintain normal lymphatic and immune function.
• MLD is used to support detoxification efforts and enhance the benefits of cleansing programs.
• Most lymphatic vessels lie just below the skin, so improved lymphatic flow results in healthier skin.

For lymphedema patients and those with certain other conditions, doctors typically recommend a series of three MLD treatments given daily over a three-day period.

Why Choose Lotus Center for MLD?

Lotus Massage & Wellness Center offers you the Vodder Institute method of manual lymphatic drainage – the method most recognized by doctors and respected by the health care community. Our practitioners have undertaken special study of lymphatic anatomy and physiology, pathology, assessment, and treatment.

There are no legal requirements for practicing lymphatic drainage, and some massage venues simply give their staff a couple hours of in-house training. In contrast, at Lotus Center your therapist will be fully trained and certified through formal professional continuing education courses.