Couples Massage – Partners Massage – Doubles Massage – Massage for Two

If you would enjoy receiving massage in the same room with your spouse, significant other, partner, friend or family member, then be sure to request “couples massage” when scheduling. Whether you receive massage regularly or are honoring a special occasion, Lotus Massage & Wellness Center is your go-to place in Tucson for a special time together. Relax and leave your worries behind as you enjoy receiving massage with someone important right there, sharing the experience just a few feet away.

At Lotus Center, advance appointments are needed, but there is no surcharge for couples massage. The couples rate is simply twice the rate for one person. Please see Services for our rates.

Please note, we do ask parties of two or more (including couples) to pay for their appointments in advance.  To ensure availability, please first schedule your appointment at 520-326-7700. Then prepay by phone or in person or via the Purchase menu on this website.

Is couples massage or doubles massage for you?

Couples massage isn’t for every couple! Although some people find it meaningful to receive massage in the same room as a loved one, others find that having someone special a few feet away distracts them from immersing in the profound inner experience that massage can offer.  Of the couples visiting Lotus Massage & Wellness Center, about half prefer receiving in one room and half prefer two rooms.  Both choices are appropriate – it’s simply your preference.  Receiving massage “together” in separate rooms does count as quality time, and many experienced massage recipients prefer to do this and then enjoy time together afterward, sharing the mentally, emotionally and physically relaxed state established by a great massage.

Conversely, some people who aren’t couples enjoy couples massage or partners massage. You don’t need to be a “couple” in the traditional sense to request massage in the same room. If your friend or family member is new to massage and shy about giving it a try, receiving sessions in the same room can be a great way to introduce him or her to massage. Couples massage can be a good option for other companions too. Receiving sessions in the same room can be a fine way to celebrate an old friendship, thank a helpful maid of honor, treat a young teen, or ensure a familiar helper is nearby to support an individual with memory, mobility or communication concerns.  Lotus Center is the place to celebrate togetherness in Tucson.